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Sweden is a European country that attracts foreigners by its picturesque nature. Lakes, mountains, forests, the Baltic Sea and wonderful cities are open for you. There you can find nice people that are ready to welcome you in this part of the world. Women of Sweden also one of the main reasons for visiting this marvelous place. Dating them is totally unique experience if to compare with other countries. In the beginning, you cannot simply start dating a Swedish woman.

In the beginning, you need to approach a girl and invite for a fika. It is not a date, therefore you should not be flirting. Fika is a special coffee break when you drink something hot eat pastry and talk. The main purpose of it is communication with other people, family, friends or colleagues. You can do fika with many Swedish single ladies, but when you start dating you should not flirt with other girls.

The next step in the dating process is a Sunday walk and lunch. It helps to learn about each other and spend some time together. Only if a girl likes you she will accept such activities. Moreover, you invite her for a movie night. However, as you can be understood in the wrong way. You should explain yourself properly that you want just to watch a movie together. Therefore, after having such friendly relationships you ask for dating.

This process of dating Swedish women may seem to be long, however, there is a great advantage. You have some time and opportunities to learn more about the person. It means that dating becomes more meaningful and focused on developing long-lasting relationships. In addition, it is important to know something about Swedes and their characters before visiting this country.

Character Of Swedish Girls

Character of people is greatly influenced by society, history, and place of living. If you try to search for Swedish girls you can notice that most of them are blondes with blue eyes. These colors are the most common for them. In addition, the figure of these amazing women is mostly slim. They are high what makes them look very gorgeous. Appearance is definitely an essential part of a person, but when dating Swedish women it is much more important to know their character features. It can help to understand their behavior. Moreover, it tremendously increases your chances of having a Swedish girlfriend. Therefore, here is a small overview of some character traits that are common for most Swedes.

Respect Equality

Sweden is one of the leaders in equality between men and women. In their government, around 40% are female deputies. There is almost no labor division. From teachers to doctors and chief executives. Women of Sweden have obtained their rights and now they are not limited in choices. However, girls still prefer traditional jobs for them only due to their preferences and skills. That is why you can easily notice the desire for equality in their character. It does not mean that women want to share house chores and childcare. Instead, they are capable of doing tasks that men used to do. Therefore, it is important to have a proper attitude toward women of Sweden as both of you have equal rights.

Swedish Women DatingIndependent

After equality, Swedish girls become very independent. If there is a problem that is difficult to solve they will not ask for help. Only after several tries, women will do that with a feeling of humiliation. On another side, you will not have to pay for them in some places. Swedes do not want to be a burden and they always pay for themselves. If you would like to do that, you should be patient in persuading.

Swedes like to communicate. They understand that each other person knows something unique and interesting. That is why Swedish people spend a lot of time speaking about different things. Foreigners have a big advantage in this country if they plan to date with some nice girls. Women of Sweden are very interested in foreigners. They expect to hear something interesting about other cultures and traditions.

Focused On Family

Strong relationships between people allow women of Sweden create wonderful and loving families. They always pay a lot of attention to childcare and house chores. However, men also take an active part in family matters. Couple equally share all responsibilities. Therefore, each spouse can rely on support from a partner in difficult periods. If you thinking of starting your own family Swedish single ladies are the best choice.


Swedes always try to avoid conflicts. It is around 200 hundred when Sweden has participated in some war actions. These people prefer to find a compromise in different situations. Swedish diplomats are very successful in making peace between two sides. The same goes for women in ordinary life. When their some conflict with a person, they will find the best solution that can make both people satisfied. In addition, it is very difficult to have a quarrel with Swedish girls. They avoid any kind of conflict. Moreover, Sweden considered being one of the safest countries in the world.

Personal Space

Every person has personal space. It has to be respected and not violated. You also would not like it when in a bus some person leans to you too much. It is important for everyone to feel comfortable. Therefore, it is better not to disturb a busy girl on the street or other places. In such a case, your proposal for a date will be definitely refused.


You should never be late in Sweden, in another case, you will definitely miss your bus. Swedes are very punctual. Even women do not late for a date or meeting. This feature of character shows their time management skills. It is very important when you go to Sweden for work.


It is true that Swedes are very open and friendly. They visit different events and lead to an active social life. Moreover, they have fika, a special reason for a cup of coffee and conversation. You can easily approach a girl and ask her for a fika. You should not be confused with a date. fika allows you to talk to different girls and just get to know them better. Swedes cannot imagine their lives without fika. Even companies implement special time breaks for it. In addition, Swedish single ladies like to spend free time in nightclubs and pubs. They always welcome warmly foreigners and ready to talk with them with great excitement.


Most of the Swedish population is non-religious. They are tolerant of the beliefs of others. Swedes will not discriminate you or have some bad attitude. It is totally your business. On another side it is a perfect place for foreigners that also do not belong to any religion.


Sweden is a unique country where you can also find your happiness with a nice girl. The dating process can be complicated but it definitely worth trying. Learning the character features of Swedish single ladies will boost your chances of finding a perfect wife. Confidence and devotions should be your main tools for achieving that.

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