Swedish Dating Culture

Swedish Dating Culture

The culture of each country is mostly determined by its ancestors and place of living. Sweden is a Scandinavian country in the Northern part of Europe. It has mountains on borders and many lakes. The weather is not so warm there. Even in summer, you cannot expect a really hot temperature.

However, do not think that Swedes are also cold people. Instead, they have more freedom with their Swedish sexual culture. It is totally acceptable to spend time with many men or women in order to find a person for relationships. After you have started, serious dating you should be dedicated to that person and not look hastily at others. Therefore, it is very important to know more about Scandinavian dating customs in order not to get into trouble.

Swedish Dating Rules

If you plan to visit Sweden and to find there someone for dating, then you should definitely know how to do it properly. Sweden women are very independent. They have the same right as men. Sweden’s parliament is known for having around 40% of women deputies. Job opportunities are equal. You can easily find female officers, doctors, IT engineers, chief executives, etc. Such self-sufficiency also has influenced Swedish dating. Therefore, you should know several rules in order to win the heart of a wonderful Sweden girl.

What Are Fika And Dating?

At the very beginning, you should understand the difference between a date and fika. Dating is when you spend some time with a peson you know. It includes some relationships that you already have. You try to spend time together in order to get to know each other better. At this period you do not pay much attention to other girls and just want to be happy with the person you like.

Fika is very different. It can be translated as a “coffee break”. The main purpose of it is not drinking coffee or tea. It is companionship. Swedes cannot imagine their life without fika. It is time for them to go out and share some time with friends, colleagues and interesting people. They drink something warm and talk. It is an essential part of their socialization. If after meeting some people, you have been asked for a fika do not think that it is going to be a date. It is totally different. During fika you cannot flirt. Fika is not obligatory to be at some café. Often Sweden workers can invite colleagues to their homes. That is when it is important to have some homemade pastry. Sometimes even companies organize fika for their employees.

Only after having fika several times, you can ask for a date. Such a Swedish dating procedure greatly helps to build strong relationships. You have the possibilities to get to know the person better and decide whether to start dating or not. In addition, it allows to easily approach Swedish women at the beginning. As a result, their divorces rate are not high. It means that such a dating culture really works.

Make The First Step

After knowing what fika is and how it works, you need to be more confident to make the first step. Approaching someone is not a horrific thing that makes your heart to jump out of your chest. It is a common thing to ask someone for a fika. Swedes are very friendly and they do not mind to meet new people and talk to them. If they are busy or have some troubles, they can refuse. There is always time for fika.

If you want to get acquainted with Swedish women it is better to do at some pub, nightclub or other places where people come to relax. Therefore, it is better not to try during the daytime or on the streets. Evening is a time when you do not hurry and can forget about work-related problems. As a result your chances are much higher when you are confident and approaching someone in a place where people spend their leisure time.

Hugging Is Important

In some cultures, handshakes with everyone is enough. In others, you can even kiss a cheek for a greeting. In Scandinavian dating customs, hugging is very important. It is not necessary to grab a person with your arms. Even a simple leaning forward can be enough. Every person makes it differently It probably depends on how close their relationships are. If you plan to visit Sweden, you should know that hugging it a normal greeting for them.

In not every country to hug, a person is acceptable. Some people can even hate it. However, stepping back while a person what to hug you will be very rude. Moreover, hugging shows how welcoming is people to you. It is really a warm feeling that can easily improve your mood. It is one of the reasons why Sweden people consider to be the happiest in the work. In addition, while saying goodbye Swedes will hug you as well.

You Don’t Have to Pay for Them

As you know, Sweden women are independent. If they have set some goals, you can be sure that they will achieve them. It is very possible that a smart woman will occupy the position of the prime minister of Sweden. That is why when it comes to paying in some places after a date or fika, you will pay just by yourself. Even if you have a wonderful time talking with a nice girl and you want to pay for her, it will be very difficult to persuade her.

She has a strong desire not to be a burden and to show that she can manage her expenses. Therefore, in the beginning, they will definitely refuse you to pay for them. However, if you insist they can agree or offer you a compromise that next time they will pay for you.

Cook Together

A wonderful activity can greatly improve relationships. Cooking together can be really exciting. It involves a lot of talking and wine can be a nice addition to this process. On another side it can help to understand the person better. Cooking is an important part of living together. It can show who is going to do the most difficult part or wash the dishes. Moreover, you can impress Sweden women with your cooking skills.

Invite For A Stroll

The nature of Sweden is really beautiful. Every city has its own parks or sometimes lakes where people like to walk. Inviting for a stroll is a nice way to spend time together. There are also so-called Sunday strolls. It is a part of their traditions of dating. The next step after fika is such a stroll on Sunday. On this day people, usually do not work and can spend their free time as their want. Therefore, if you want to show your intentions to start dating, you should firstly invite for this activity.

Dedication To A Person

In the dating process with Sweden women, it is important to stop flirting with other girl. If you have started actually dating, not fika, you should dedicate yourself to that person. In order to build strong relationships you cannot look at other girls hastily. It can be a great shame if your friends notice that while knowing that you already dating with someone. From another side Sweden girls are very exciting and after learning more about one of them, you will not look at others. Still it is better to remember this and never break this rule.

Movie Night

Good relationships mean that you spend time together by doing different activities without getting bored. Spending a night watching some movies is a great decision. However, you should understand that many Sweden women can think that you just want to sleep with them. Therefore, you will need to make efforts in order explain yourself properly. In addition, you will be able to see the reaction girls after such proposal. Movie nights can greatly boost your relationships.


Dating is an essential part of every culture. By learning its rules, you can successful date with different girls. Sweden is ready to welcome you with its fika and nice coffee. Before visiting this country be sure to remember how to have a proper dating in this part of the world.

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